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Ariane Ladd


Ever since I was young I’ve been most fulfilled by finding creative ways to help

others achieve their highest potential. My work in counseling began informally

many years ago but formalized as a second career in Marriage and Family Therapy.

With a previous background in entertainment and corporate environments, as well as

having raised two children, I have a clear understanding of family, career, and life cycle

challenges allowing me to help others identify the strengths they already possess and 

utilize those to achieve their best life.

Committed to the well-being and personal development of clients, my empathy

and compassion create a safe space to find the right individual path for you

and collaborate toward successful growth.



Individual Therapy

Individual therapy helps you move forward. 
We start with goal setting based on what you
would like to accomplish, then collaborate to
solve problems and improve thinking. During
the process perceptions change as new coping
skills are acquired. As reactivity lessens, overall
happiness improves. Along our journey you decide 
the priorities and I assist you through life’s most
complex and challenging circumstances.


Teens and Parenting

Ever find yourself in a vicious cycle of unproductive

conversation leaving neither parent nor child feeling
good about the interaction? Love them so much but
somehow can't find the "right" way to communicate? 
Often a slight shift in perspective or understanding can significantly improve relationships. In session we will
explore communication that may be assumed but not
explicit, as well as boundaries and roles that need
clarification. These and other techniques help smooth
the journey for both parent and teen.

Couples Therapy

Productive Couples Counseling begins with someone who cares. I guide my patients every step of the way and implement therapeutic models to help them develop new attitudes during life’s most difficult times. My priority is to work on what's most important to you, utilizing research based techniques that improve communication and help you love the way you always wanted to.

Family at a Beach

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Licensed in Connecticut and Florida

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